Event Dates / Locations

15 / 16th August - Long Eaton Field Archers

26 / 27th September - Liberty Field Archers

10 / 11th October - Avalon Archers

In light of the latest news and advice about the Covid-19 virus.

We are sorry to announce that we have made the decision to postpone the first and second Series shoot of 2020.

Series 2 - Liberty Archers will now be 26 / 27th September 2020. 
Series 1 - Avalon Archers will now become Series 3. 
The new dates will be: 10th and 11th October 2020.

All current entries will be transferred to the new dates.

If you wish to cancel then please contact us and we will issue a full refund. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Keep safe and healthy everyone.

Covid-19 Virus

NEW FOR 2020

We have listened to and taken on board your comments from the previous years events. We have made some big changes to the 3DA format and with your help we will continue to make changes throughout the year.

We hope that the changes we have made for 2020 will go a long way to meeting all of your 3D archery requirements. 

Annual Registration and Fee's:

There will be NO annual registration fee. 

With the format change (see below) there are now new fee's.

£30.00 per person, per competition OR £55 per person for the weekend.

NEW - just for fun. "Lighted Nock Championships" (see below for details) - £5.00 per entry

Format Change:

Instead of the previous 5, there will now be 3 Series events.

Each weekend event will consist of two separate competitions. 

Saturday will be the UDC - Unknown Distance Competition    -    Sunday will be the KDC - Known Distance Competition. 

The two competitions are totally separate from each other. You can enter one or both. 

There will be 50 3D targets per competition - no lunch break. 

Sighted Archers will shoot one arrow per target.

Un-sighted archers will shoot 2 arrows per target. Arrows will be shot from the same shooting peg. Scoring will remain the same - so a maximum of 24 can be scored per animal. 

Ranges will be laid out as before, with the exception of NEW scene shots. Each archer must have enough arrows to shoot up to 4 targets (4 arrows sighted, 8 arrows unsighted).

Maximum Distance changes: Sighted classes - Maximum up to 50 yards. Un-sighted Maximum up to 40 yards. 

The additional side competitions of the Charity Long Shot and Known distance ranges have been dropped from all events.

Class Changes:

The Open Class - will now allow archers to choose either 300fps (+ 3% margin) OR 60lbs Maximum Peak weight.

Still only one class.  The reason for this change is to try to cover all FITA, NFAS and EFAA archer's. Then no-one has to change their bow set up to shoot 3DA.

Removal of the "OPEN PRO" Class. Any archer can now decide if they want to shoot for money. So  you do not have to be shooting sighted compounded. If you shoot barebow and decide you want to see if you can win some money or get your money back, then you can. 

Archer's who decide to shoot for money, will have to pay the additional £45 (per competition) on the morning of the shoot. The money needs to be paid in cash and you must tell admin before 8am on the shoot day. 

The removal of the "PRO" class means that there will no longer be the Pro Pressure shoot downs. 

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