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Your personal data is collected only when placing an order with us or when you freely give your details to us. 

So for example if you book in over the phone, face to face or On-Line via our website. If you contact us via Facebook / Twitter or sign up for any Newsletter, social media updates, we will retain your details and any correspondence you send.  

If you place an order with us the information that we need to store is :

Name, Invoice address, Telephone Number or Numbers, Email address and membership numbers.

We do keep records of your previous bookings and personal preferences when you place an order with us. 

If you contact us via Email or Facebook / Twitter we do keep your email address and details of the correspondence. 

We do not redistribute, sell or rent your personal details to any third party. 

We may have to provide or share information with legal bodies when requested. So for example, the Police force or a regulatory body. 


If we suspect a transaction to be fraudulent we may have to share details with a third party in order to investigate. 

We do not store any card payment information. All of our payment processing is done by a third party. We use only PayPal and Worldpay processors. 

Under the new GDPR regulations you can contact us at any time and request to know what information we hold on you. 

You can request that we remove any personal data we hold about you. We will of course oblige however it may not always be legally possible to remove all records. As we are legally obliged to keep financial records for a minimum of 6 years. 

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