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Additional Rules during Covid-19 Virus

Dear Archers

Please read this carefully.  By taking part at this year's 3DA event at LEFA you are agreeing to abide by our revised rules and regulations.  We hope to try to create as safe an environment as possible.  However each archer is responsible for their own actions and accept all health risks of attending this event during this time of Covid 19.  Each archer must bring their own hand sanitizer, wipes and disinfectant spray.  3DA, The Archery Company, Anthony Weston, LEFA and its members and the Landowner accept no liability or responsibility for your decision to attend this event and will not be held accountable if you get sick at or travelling to or from this event.

  • No spectators or entourage

  • If you are travelling with friends/household members please let us know so we can give you similar start times and put you in the same group where possible.

  • We must receive your confirmation of entry and acceptance of the rule changes etc, by 20th July

  • Money shooters to declare intention by 20th July

  • Where possible Archers to arrive no earlier than 45 minutes before their designated Tee off time

  • No initial Registration on arrival

  • Shooting in groups of 3 (Max 4)

  • Probably 4 x Ranges with Ten shooting lanes and (2 x Ranges with 12 targets and 2 x ranges of 13 targets) (Total 50 Targets).

  • Archers are designated a Tee off time at a specific range at 10 minute intervals.  (Miss your start time you don't shoot).  1st Tee off time 07:30 - last tee off time 10:00

  • Finalised Groups and start times will be posted on the internet on 5th August

  • Archers to be at their designated Starting target 5 to 10 minutes before their Official Tee off Time

  • On arrival archers may use the practice targets

  • 2m social distancing rules apply.

  • Archers collect scores cards at their starting range

  • We will have two ranges starting at the same eg Range 1 and 3 with range 2 and 4 empty.  Range 1 archers will complete the ranges in the following order 1, 2, 3, 4.  Archers starting on Range 3 will complete the ranges 3, 4, 1, 2.

  • No jumping groups

  • One Scorer per group will look after the official cards.  Plus archer may score own unofficial card.

  • Each archer pulls their own arrows

  • Each archer is responsible for their own hygiene (especially hands) and cleaning their own arrows and equipment between targets and over the duration of the event.

  • Each group has 6 hours in which to complete the days shooting

  • Score cards are handed in at registration at the end of as soon as you finish.

  • No prize giving - awards will be posted.

  • Toilets - Will work on a one in one out basis.  Be patient and plan ahead!!

  • Catering will be limited and is currently under review.

  • When you have finished shooting please leave the premises as soon as you can safely do so - no loitering and take your litter/rubbish away with you.

  • You must read and abide by any signs, notices and one way systems in place at the event.

  • No Camping

  • To help protect the safety of other, Attendees not abiding by the rules and regulations of the event will be asked to leave immediately

  • Warning - fill in your score card correctly - it won't be recorded if not filled out properly, inc Reg Number, Name, Class and Style.  Total Score and total 12's etc.

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