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Rinehart Targets - The Offical Target of 3DA.


At the 3DA UK National Series Events you will only ever compete on good quality 3D Targets.


In 2020 your Pro/Am Ranges will be made up from 20 of the Rinehart Targets shown below.


In an effort to help clubs to flourish and individuals to be able to practice on 3D Targets, 3DA will put the ranges up for sale at the end of the season.  By doing this, 3DA hopes a supply of affordable used 3D Targets will encourage clubs to have 3D targets which its members can practice on. There is no substitute for practicing on the targets you will be using in competition......


PLEASE NOTE: The photos currently displayed show IBO Style scoring Zones, We hope to update these images soon with images of the Universal and ASA scoring zones that will be used for 3DA UK National Series Competitions.

Used 3DAUK Rinehart Target's are available to buy through our sponsors,

The Archery Company's website - Click Here 


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