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Practice Range / Practice Targets

Practice Range: - Free to all competing archers


  • Will be available over the weekend.

Friday from 1pm

Saturday 07:30 until 08:30am. Open again after the days competition.

Sunday 07:30 until 08:30am

Light allowing and unless specified at the time.

  • Targets will be set in 5 to 10 yard increments from 10 to 50 yards

  • They will be self running.

  • Archery will shoot from the designated shooting line.

  • Archers will shoot a maximum of 6 arrows before collecting.

  • Archers should stand back off the line when waiting to collect arrows.

  • On the verbal Instruction of "Pull" all archers must, instantly stop shooting and come down safely. 

  • Once it is safe to do so all archers will collect arrows at the same time as each other.

  • Archers may commence shooting once everyone is back behind the shooting line and it is clear and safe to do so.

  • Do not go behind the Bales to look for arrows.

  • Please leave the bales as you find them - do not leave litter!!

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