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3DA - UK National Series - Rules of Shooting - 2020


There will be two MAIN competitions at each of the UK National Series Events. 

An Unknown Distance Competition (UDC) and a Known Distance Competition (KDC). 

Both will be given equal status and archers may enter to compete in either the Unknown Distance Competition (UDC), the Known Distance Competition (KDC) or both competitions. 

Archers may compete in two Styles and Classes. 

The UDC Competition will be held on Saturday. The KDC Competition will be held on Sunday.   

To be eligible to compete in 3DA competitions archer's must be competent, safe and agree to abide by the 3DA Rules and Regulations as set out in these documents.  In addition they must have current and up to date membership of an established and recognised Archery Association.




A.     Each of the Main Competitions will consist of 50 3D targets. Each round will be a “Shotgun” start.


B.     Severe Weather - 3DAUK retains the right to delay or cancel a tournament day in case of severe weather.

If a competition is suspended, all shooters must leave the range immediately. In the interest of safety all arrows are to be left in the target and are not to be scored or pulled. All scorekeepers shall retain the score cards in their possession and no shooter is to have possession of their own card. The Tournament Director will have two hours to exercise one of the following options based upon the weather and the availability of ranges:

(1) resume shooting that day within two hours of that day’s suspension and still being able to complete the round that day,

(2) cancel the round completely. Should a round be cancelled, all competitors that post a score for the other completed round will receive 200 points for the cancelled round; no refunds will be made; and all results and paybacks will be based on the round of twenty (20) targets completed by the class.

No competitions may be decided solely on the results of a partially completed round, unless the Tournament Director is proceeding under Shooting Time Allowed.


C.     Each registered shooter will receive a Range Assignment Card with 3DA Registration Number, Start Days & Times, and Range & Target Assignment. Each shooter is responsible for having their Range Assignment Card with them, and shooting at the time, target, and range designated unless instructed otherwise by a tournament or range official.  All times are on a first registered / first assigned basis by shooting class.  Failure to have your assignment card, failure to shoot your designated time, or shooting the incorrect range for your designated class will result in a score of zero for that day.


D.     Unless required by a rule in the “Class/Style” section herein, a shooter may change their shooting Class/Style only one time during the tournament season. No points from a previous Class/Style will be carried forward toward the 3DA UK National Series Shooter of the Year in the new Class/Style.  


E.     No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances may be carried or consumed by competitors whilst on the tournament grounds, between the hours of 4 am and 5.00pm under penalty of disqualification.  No shooter will compete while under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance(s) under penalty of disqualification.


F.    Littering the grounds will not be tolerated.  Anyone littering will be subject to disqualification from the tournament.


G.    Prior to the start of each competition, all shooters will be expected to attend a “Competitor Safety Meeting” which should be considered mandatory. The meeting will cover information regarding the location of ranges, updates from the Competition Committee on rulings and rules interpretations, and other special information. This meeting will start forty minutes prior to the start of each round, and will last approximately five minutes. Anyone failing to act upon information provided at this meeting may be disqualified from the tournament.


H.     Anyone found competing with another shooter’s Range Assignment Card will be disqualified.


I.       No one may practice on any target to be used for tournament shooting.  Anyone shooting in non-designated practice areas including parking areas and the special Known Distance Competition Range will be subject to disqualification.


J.      Anyone using the Practice Range will be required to shoot from the designated stake provided. Anyone shooting from behind the stake will be subject to losing their privileges and disqualification from the event.


K.     Should a competitor be unable to participate, their entry fees may be transferred to another event at no charge. A request for a refund will require a processing fee of £10.00 that will be deducted from any fees refunded. Entry fees will not be refunded or credited if a competitor competes at any point in the event, leaves the competition early after their class shooting time was extended by the Tournament Director, or due to disqualification.  Notification of cancellation must be received in the form of an email no less than one week prior to the start of the event.  All refunds and transfers will be at the discretion of 3DAUK.


L.      Shooters may not be on any range that they have been assigned to shoot in before they compete. Anyone who is found to be in violation of this restriction will not be allowed to shoot any competition range that they were on and will receive a score of zero for each range they visited. This restriction does not apply to competitors or spectators that are parents of Junior class competitors (supervising parents are not allowed to leave the spectator viewing area if they will be competing on that range.)


M.    Dress Code: Out of respect for other competitors all shooters are required to maintain a presentable appearance. 


            1.         Shorts and skirts may not be shorter than finger-tip length while standing normally. Cut-off jeans or short-shorts are prohibited.

            2.         Men and women are required to wear upper garments covering the front and back of the body and covering the midriff when at full draw.

            3.         Shirts with collars are mandatory.  Men's shirts must have short or long sleeves.

            4.         Due to safety considerations it is recommended that all shooters wear shoes that fully cover the entire foot. Bare feet, open-toed sandals

                        or flip-flops are not allowed while competing on the ranges.

            5.         At no time will any shooters, guests or spectators wear any article bearing image or language to be considered vulgar or offensive.


N.     Spectators & Guests:

            1.         Spectators are not allowed on the tournament ranges until the range official begins the competition.

            2.          Providing information or coaching to a shooter is strictly prohibited.

            3.         Spectators and guests are to avoid conversation while others are shooting as a courtesy. All cell phones and electronic devices are to

                        be turned off to avoid disturbing the competitors. 

            4.         Each Pro/Am competition site establishes and enforces its own policy regarding pets. Should a site allow pets, they shall be kept on leashes

                        at all times. Pet owners shall be responsible for their pet’s behaviour and for cleaning up after them.  Any breach shall prohibit that pet from

                        future 3DA attendance.

            5.         Video and digital image cameras are not allowed on tournament ranges without prior approval from 3DA. Still photography is allowed, but

                        the use of flash equipment during competitions is prohibited. Special exceptions will be made for the working press and film production                                 crew.

            6.         Spectators may not have range finders on any range and will be required to surrender them or leave.

            7.         Spectators may assist by carrying items such as stools, umbrellas, ice chests, food, drinks, or other items for the convenience of shooters,

                        but must stay clear of the shooting stakes and lanes at all times. 

            8.         Due to safety considerations it is recommended that all spectators wear footwear to fully cover the foot.


The Competition Committee will consist of five members. At least two of which will be competitors at the event and one 3DA Staff Member. In addition to reviewing infractions and ruling on grievances submitted by shooters the committee will establish penalties that are not delineated in the 3DA Rules.  

As well as sanctions for conduct violations and repeat rules violators.


A.     The Competition Committee will review all grievances and protests, as well as interpret the rules. All protests filed that could affect the results of the competition must be resolved prior to the next round of competition, or prior to the announcement of final results.  All shooters agree to be bound by the decisions of the Competition Committee as final.


B.     Any grievance or protest must be filed in writing with the Competition Committee within one (1) hour of completion of a round, along with a £30.00 protest fee. If the Committee rules in favour of the protest, or the protest/grievance is withdrawn the fee will be returned. All decisions of the Committee will be final.


C.     A general inquiry for an interpretation of a rule may be submitted in writing to the Competition Committee. The Committee will review the submission at their earliest convenience, and a written response will be provided. No fee is required for this review.


D.     Unsportsmanlike conduct on the ranges or tournament grounds will not be tolerated.


1.      Any incident of unsportsmanlike conduct will be reported to a tournament official who will file a report with the Competition Committee immediately following the completion of the day’s competition.  The first offense upheld by the Committee will result in disqualification of the shooter from the event.  A second offense will result in a suspension for the remainder of the season with no refund of entry fees paid and will be required to request reinstatement in writing to the Competition Committee prior to returning to competition.

2.    Verbal abuse directed at tournament officials, other shooters, or spectators will result in immediate disqualification of the shooter from the tournament, along with a referral to the Competition Committee for further action.


3.    The use of profanity is prohibited and violators are subject to disqualification.

4.    Any competitor rightfully suspended from 3DA competition at any level will be suspended from 3DA competition at all levels.  A competitor may request reinstatement through the Competition Committee which will conduct a review and make a recommendation.

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