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Series 3
Field Archers
10 / 11th October

Event Timetable


Main Competitions:

UDC: Saturday - Start 09:00 Finish 15:50               

KDC: Sunday - Start 09:00 Finish 15:50
You must be at the range a minimum of 10 minutes prior to the above start time.

Score Cards must be completed and signed and handed in to Admin immediately upon leaving the range.  

Score Cards not filled in correctly will not be accepted and a "Zero" Score will be awarded. 

UDC - Saturday 16:00    

KDC - Sunday 16:00

Practice Range: Are Free to all competitors.

Open: Friday - from 1pm.

Saturday - 07:30 to 08:30am - and open again at the end of the days shooting. 

Sunday - 07:30 to 08:30am 
Important Info:

Times are subject to change. Please check the 3DA Facebook page to keep upto date. 

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