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DS-Archery Long Distance Competition


  • Will be available over the weekend.

Friday at 11:00 until 18:00

Saturday 07:30 until 18:00

Sunday 07:00 until 13:00

Light allowing and unless specified at the time.


  • 1 Target Competition set a long distance - Range will vary dependent and style and Class - Longest Range 101 yards.

  • Go to the Know Distance Registration area and "PAY TO PLAY". 

  • Please note you can shoot this round as many times as you like. You are Raising Money for Charity.

  • Wait at Known Distance Registration until called.

  • A Maximum of 6 Archers will shoot their arrows before arrows can be collected.

  • Shoot at the Spot Size relative to your style and class.  Check the Board for info.

  • Once you have shot your 6 arrows at the target, leave the bows and equipment at the shooting peg and when everyone in your group has finished shooting you will all verbally agree it is safe to collect your arrows, before doing so.

  • If you need to retrieve an arrow from behind a target then this may be done if it can be seen and is safe to do so.  At least one member of the group must stay in front of the target until the whole group has returned from behind the target.

  • If you hit the correct size spot take a photo with your phone before pulling the arrows.  This must be shown to the 3DA Official at the Known Distance Registration.

  • If you hit the correct size spot you are eligible for an entry into the Grand Prize Draw and an entry into the Final Long Distance Shoot off at the British Championships for the special prize Bundle. 

  • Please leave the course as you find it - do not leave litter!!


                This Round will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

                A minimum of 50% of proceeds will be donated to charity.


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