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Mission Statement

To provide a National Series/Circuit of 5 x 3D Pro/Am events based in the UK which are modern and of the "Times".

Encompassing up to date rules, regulations and welcoming for all archers and equipment, whilst providing a competitive platform for talent in UK sport.


The 3D National Series will cover all these needs and be run on a professional and commercial basis.


Basic Format for 3DAUK National Series Pro/AM Events:

Each Event will have the following tournaments:

  1. Main Pro/Am Competitions - 40 x 3D targets shoot over two ranges of 20 targets per range.

  2. Known Distance Competition - 10 x 3D targets shot on the short side (30yards max) or the long side (50yards max).

  3. Team Competition - 10 x 3D targets - Teams picked by 3DAUK Staff

  4. Long Target Competition - 1 x 3D target - Charity Fund Raiser


All competitions at 3DAUK Pro/Am Events are Style, Class, Gender and Age categorised.


The last event of the Year will be known as the "UK Championships" and will be open to all members of 3DAUK no matter their Nationality.


Running in conjunction with the National Series will be a "Shooter of the Year" Championships and a "Manufacturers" Championships, which will be league style competitions where points will be awarded depending on final positions at each of the National Series Events.


Trade Stand Village


3DAUK intends to have a strong social media profile utilizing a fully functioning website in conjunction with Facebook and You Tube Channel.

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