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This year we will be randomly picking one lucky person from each Series event to take home a brand new Rinehart Target. 

Series 1
Rinehart Pyramid
Series 2
Rinehart Booner
Mule Deer 
Series 3
Rinehart 22" 
Rhino Bag
Series 4
Rinehart 18 - 1
Series 5
Woodland Boar

Annual Prize Draw / Raffle


Every time you enter the TAC K-50 or K-30 Competitions and / or hit the correct size spot in the DS-Archery Long Shot Competition, you will automatically receive a free raffle ticket entry into the Annual Prize Draw.

You can purchase raffle tickets at each Series event - just see Tony at Admin. 

The winners of these prizes will be drawn at random at the end of the season.

Arm Guard
Glue Pack
£25 The Archery Company​
Gift Voucher
£30.00 3DAUK
Gift Voucher
Black Eagle
Arrow Shafts
The Archery Company
Beanie Hat
Black Eagle
Arrow Shafts
The Archery Company
Patrole Set
- Green
Fanny Pack
£25 The Archery Company​
Gift Voucher
Patrole Set
- Camo

Grand Final Prize DS-Archery Long Distance Competition: 


Archers who have hit the required dot at any of the 2018 DS-Archery Long Shot Competitions automatically qualify to take part in the Grand Final Long Shot Shoot Off.


The Shoot Off will be held at the end of the British Championships (National Series 5)

Each Qualifier will have the opportunity to shoot one arrow at their designated target. 


If they are the only archer from their Catagory to hit the required Spot they will win the prize. 


If more than one archer from the same Category hits the required Spot then a tie will be declared and these archers will shoot again. 

The arrow nearest the middle determining the winner. 


If no one from that Catagory hits the Spot then the prizes will "Roll Over" into the next seasons Grand Final Prize Fund. 



Archers will be divided into the Categories below.


Category 1 - Open Pro, Super Senior, Open A, Cross Bow


Category 2 - Olympic Recurve, Fixed Pin


Category 3 - Compound Barebow, Recurve Barebow


Category 4 - Bowhunter, Traditional