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A.     Should time and weather permit, the Tournament Director may designate classes for a "Shoot -Down" to determine the final order of finish.


B.     Designated classes may have up to five participants or in case of a tie in score and in bonus rings for the final spot(s) the Tournament Director may                  either elect to allow additional shooters, or use the “Closest-to-the-12” tie-break procedure (see Scoring Rules “J”) to determine the fifth position.


C.     Prior to the start of the "Shoot -Down", all competitors will be provided approximately a ten-minute period to judge the targets. With the exception of the            KDC Shooters who will not be allowed prior judging time as they will be using range finders.  Anyone not present for any of the judging period forfeits this          opportunity and will be required to adhere to the "Shoot-Down"  pace without additional time for judging.


D.     The first place shooter will start on target one, second place on target two, and so forth. 


E.     The group will have one minute to shoot their respective target.  Anyone not shooting within the allotted one minute will be given a zero for that target. 


F.     Shooters will remain at their stake until their arrow is scored before going to the next target. 


G.    Shooters are responsible for having enough arrows to complete the initial round.


H.     After the initial round all shooters within ten points of the leader will proceed to a Final Arrow with the lowest score shooting first and proceeding to the              leader.


I.       Bonus rings will not break a tie for first place in the pro classes (except due to weather or time under Scoring Rules.) Should a tie in total score exist for             first place following the Final Arrow, the Shooters tied for first will continue to shoot until the tie is broken by total score. The individual with the most                   bonus rings will select the order of shooting for the first target or if tied for score and bonus rings a coin toss will determine the initial order. Their                       shooting order will alternate for any additional targets that are required to break the tie.


J.      Due to manufacturer contingency programs there will be a clear second and third place order of finish. Should a tie exist for second and/or third                         place that is not broken by total bonus-rings, the Tournament Director will use the “Closest-to-the-12” tie-break procedure (see Scoring Rules “J”) with               the winner receiving an additional bonus ring to break the tie.  The winner of a  coin toss will select their preference for the order of shooting.

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