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TAC - K-50 and K-30 Known Distance Competitions


  • Will be available over the weekend.

Friday at 11:00 until 18:00

Saturday 07:30 until 18:00

Sunday 07:00 until 13:00


Light and weather conditions allowing and unless specified at the time.


  • 10 Target Competition - Long Side will be to a max distance 50 yards and the Short Side to a Maximum Distance of 30 yards.  Long Side for 40 yard Styles and over.  Short side for 30 yard Styles and Under.

  • Go to the Known Distance Registration area and book a time slot for the weekend.  Tee times will be every 10 to 15 minutes over the weekend. 

  • Please note you can shoot this round as many times as you like, with ALL scores standing. 

  • Get yourself to the Known Distance Range 10 minutes before your start time.

  • Wait at Known Distance Registration until called.

  • Start at Target 1 and Introduce yourself to the rest of your group, etc.  One person to score the Card.

  • If you want to walk up and down the length of the range on the "safe" path to see what's coming you can, but make sure you are ready to start when called.

  • Once all of your group has shot the designated target, leave the bows and equipment at the shooting peg and the group will advance 5 paces toward their target and wait until the groups either side of them have finished shooting and verbally agreed it is safe for you to score and collect your arrows.

  • All arrows are to be marked on the score card and the target left as found.

  • If you need to retrieve and arrow from behind a target then this may be done if it can be seen and is safe to do so.  At least one member of the group must stay in front of the target until the whole group has returned from behind the target.

  • Collect bows and equipment and move to next target.

  • At the end of the round check all scores are correct and the columns tally. 

  • All cards must be signed by all members of the group.  One member of the group will hand the score card back into the 3DA Official that is running the Known Distance Round Registration.

  • Please leave the course as you find it - do not leave litter!!


The Round will take approximately 1 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

Adult Entry fee £15.00 - of which £10.00 per entry is pay back depending on finishing position.     

Refer to "Adult TAC K-50 and K-30 Pay Back Charts" to view potential winnings.


Junior Entry Fee £7.50 - of which £5.00 per entry will go in to the pay back pot.                                  

However Junior Pay Back will be paid in the form of Vouchers.                                                           

Half the value in the "Adult TAC K-50 and K-30 Pay Back Charts" for potential winnings.



Prize Draw

TAC K-50 and K-30 Competitions


Every time you enter the TAC K-50 or K-30 Competitions your name will automatically be put in the Grand Annual Prize Draw.

This is an added bonus which is in addition to money won for finishing positions.

Additional tickets are available at £2.00 each.



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